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Getting Frustrated Everyday With High RTO, High Shipping Charge, Weight Dispute etc?

Join us, We’r India’s Emerging Dropshipping Service & Products Suppliers in India. We offer All these services Free of Cost.

  • Order Verification by Call
  • RTO Management
  • Lowest Shipping Cost
  • High Quality Packaging
  • NDR Management
  • Weight Dispute Management
  • Within 24H Order Dispatch
  • 50k+ Shipping Credits
  • Personal FB ADS Manager

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Why start a dropshipping business with Stardropify ?

We are connected with leading courier companies to ship our products With Same-day shipment. We ship 2000+ of orders per day that's why we are offering the lowest shipment cost to our clients.

Support From Our Full Team of Specialists

From creating store to running FB ads, our team will help your with everything.

Personal Account Manager

We offer personal account manager to insure you get full support everyday.

Shipping Credit

You will receive Shipping credits upto rs 50k to grow your business.

Low Pricing 4000+ Products Availability

After sign up you will be able to access over 4k products at wholesale price.

100% RTO (Return to origin) Management

You don't have to stock RTO products, we adjust all orders in next products you choose.

Indian Products at Wholesale Cost

You will get high quality Indian products at wholeale price that will give you min 50% margin

Weekly Winning Products

Our team pick weekly winning products so that you don't have to invest in testing products.

Website building and Shopify setup

We build Shopify store with 120 days trail and 100s products to get you started easily and free.

NDR Calls

Our team will all your NDR and insure you get more delivery and profit.

FB-ADS Videos and Media Availability

We provide products as well as Video Ads so just use our product video & start running ads.

Order verification/ Confirmation CALL

We call every customer as soon as they place order and confirm orders to reduce RTO.

How It's Work

Our Working Process

Start your Dropshipping E-commerce in India business with Stardropify


Subscribe to Stardropify& We will build you Shopify Store & list 100+ products Winning products with the margin you choose.


Set Automatic order details to us or inform us about your sales with your buyer details.


Our team will call your buyers & verify your order and also correct customer/shipping details . Then, We ship the items to your end customers, on your brand name.


After this, we will handle RTO, Weight Dispute, NDR Management and everything & you can check all your transactions on our advance panel.


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